Our Products
Increase our fish Production
and are availible to you!

Texas Hunter Fish Feeder
Solar & projects 45x20
model DF125 holds 70 pounds
floating fish pellets or
125 pounds of shelled corn
Program to Feed 1-9 times Daily
Price $748.00 each + Shipping

Fountain like Aerator
100 Foot Power Chord
1 hp $1,340.00 each + Shipping

Smaller Aerator
3/4 hp, 110 or 220 volt,
100-Foot Power Cord
$1,133.00 each + Shipping

Liquid Lime
Pond Management Plus
20% Calcium Lime increases
fish production, fry survivability
stabilizes PH and
phytoplankton production
$37.50 per 2.5 gal Jug

Pond Fertilizer
100% Soluble Blue crystals
improves natural fish food
helps fry survive and grow
$45.00 + shipping

To order call
toll free 800-422-8211

or local 803-776-4923

 We have expertise in spawning and raising fish for pond and lake stocking and indoor recirculating systems. For easy delivery, we have our Southland Fisheries Fish Trucks with pre-ordered Live Fish going to South Carolina, Georgia and North Carolina locations near you. Click Here to see our Live Fish Truck Locations near you. Call us today to Pre-Order your live fish! We have many fish available such as sport fish, feeders, ornamental fish & weed controlling fish such as our State Certified Sterile Grass Carp. If you have any questions concerning any of our fish please contact us at Southland Fisheries.

We at Southland Fisheries Corporation would like to introduce ourselves to you. Our business was established in 1981 after several years of planning and experience gained other large scale hatchery and production operations. The skilled staff at Southland Fisheries has more than 80 years combined experience in fish husbandry and management and are well qualified in production of more than 35 North American fish species. With these skills, experience and training, we are able to provide competitively priced, premium quality fish eggs, fry and fingerlings to clients worldwide.   [read more]


Fish Available:

  • Channel Catfish
  • Coppernose Bluegill
  • Gambusia / Mosquito Minnows
  • Koi and Goldfish
  • Tilapia
  • Red Breast Sunfish
  • Largemouth Bass


  • Redear Sunfish / Shellcracker
  • Striped Bass Hybrid
  • Hybrid Bluegill
  • Yellow Perch
  • Warmouth/Mollies
  • Sterile Grass Carp

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If you are looking to grow rich vegetables and other plants- fish by products in the water such as ammonia and nitrogen are very beneficial. You may want to consider a few choices in fish. With a sustainable aquaponics system you can harvest fish in addition to your plants; provided they have the space and food to reproduce and grow.
It is important to note that if you are trying to reach a certain amount of waste product in your system- the young fish you first stock will grow and continue to expel larger amounts of waste as they grow. It may take more fish to start up; frequent water testing and early harvesting to control your ammonia levels to maintain a healthy system balance for your aquaponics system.
Different Fish have different needs for an example Tilapia can only tolerate water above 60 degrees; while they can tolerate higher levels of ammonia in water than Bluegill and Catfish. Many fish can be chosen to supply the nutrients for your aquaponics system; Tilapia, Catfish, Goldfish, Tadpoles, Crayfish & snails, Hybrid Bluegill or Bluegill are the most common aquatic species used. Predator fish such as Bass can be cannibalistic, aggressive in close-quarters, hard to pellet feed and when introducing feeder fish they tend to eat everything at once; however the harvest on Bass is larger.

Feel free to give us a call and we can suggest the fish that may be best suited for your aquaponics system, your needs and situation. We have many years of experience with many fresh and saltwater fish and we hope to share what we know as well as welcome new aquaculture enthusiasts into our community.


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