Sterile Grass Carp

The stocking rate for Grass Carp is 10-25 carp per acre. We recommend 40 fish per acre in ponds that are dense with weeds. It is better if you stock the number of carp called for to start with. If you stock less than 20 per acre the carp will have a difficult time catching up to all the aquatic weeds, grass, moss and algae, etc. This means you may need to add more carp later.

We encourage purchasing the recommended number of carp and the average pond requires 25 fish per acre. In a new pond you can stock 10 carp per acre as a preventative to keep weeds under control from the start. Remember Sterile Grass Carp do not reproduce and will live about 10 years. These fish have a voracious appetite and if you feed them they will still control the weeds. Grass carp can grow to 50 pounds and over 5 feet long! Southland Fisheries Sterile Grass Carp are DNR certified sterile and they are farm raised here in South Carolina.    

Sterile Grass Carp are sterile; not male and not female. They are triploidy fish and like seedless watermellon (a triploidy plant) they do not produce gametes or offspring. They are a "GREEN" natural way to control weeds in ponds as no chemicals or herbicides are needed. They live, on average, 10 years and are cheeper and MORE COST EFFECTIVE then herbicides. By controlling the weeds; Sterile Grass Carp also help keep the numbers of snails and crustaceans in check (which are intermediate hosts to many parasites)


 Sterile Grass Carp 8-10" $10.00 each

 Sterile Grass Carp 10-12" $12.00 each

 Sterile Grass Carp over 12" $14.00 each

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